Testimonials ForVicki Hellenbrand

Vicki is a Rocket Star!

Perhaps like other home buyers, my husband and I were experiencing trepidation, maybe even a little anxiety, when we were looking for a home that better suited both our home-life and work-life. We wondered whether we would find the right one; would the neighborhood be one that matched us; would we get talked into something that was not right for us; would we overpay or get oversold; would we have regrets? Then we met Vicki Hellenbrand. Oh my gosh. A godsend. She stood head and shoulders above everyone else. She asked so many questions, sometimes questions that at first felt superfluous, but it turned out they were extremely meaningful in order to find a space that was just right for us. And that she did! We’re so happy. Part two is the negotiating and closing process. Never once did Vicki Hellenbrand not respond to an email or text question, even if they were repetitive or perhaps naive. We were in and out of closing in less than 30 minutes! She’s a rocket star in our book and we highly recommend her.