When you are in the market for a new home, there are many choices you must make. While price is always a key consideration, the quality of your new home and its neighborhood is also of utmost importance! Before we look at our first home together, we will understand exactly what is important to you. Our 28 years of full-time real estate experience will allow us to give you some insight on your purchase that you may not have had.

Since price is a key consideration, it will help you to begine to understand what’s involved in the purchase of a home. We recommend that you start with the financial picture to find the kind of home that you can afford.

To access the Affordability Calculator page, just Click Here. This calculator uses generally accepted industry norms to help you understand what you can afford. There are instructions there to help you through the process.

Next, check out our Mortgage Calculator. This will help you gauge what will be required on a monthly basis to own and maintain your home. Again, it includes generally accepted values for things that make up the cost.

We invite you to talk to us! We will be happy to walk through everything with you. Just click on the Contact Elite Realty Services tab along the right edge of your screen, fill out the details, and we will contact you shortly.